Prabhat Samgiita Tumi Je Esecho Aj

More at or visit Yoga Center in Stuttgart. Prabhat Samgiita is a collection of 5018 songs composed by PR Sarkar. This is song no.647 , here performed by Dada Madhuvidyananda, Mainjurii, and Devaprasad. The performers currently live in South Germany. Now you can meet Dada at Yoga Meditation Ashram in Stuttgart, Germany.

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6 Responses to “Prabhat Samgiita Tumi Je Esecho Aj”

  1. akmkarim1 says:

    Its really nice

  2. MandolinoFan says:

    Namaskar Dadajii,

    thanks so much for this beautiful song. I wonder if you will post other songs from Prabhat Samgiit – a brother from Spain is looking for 1315 in particular so if you happen to sing it sometime we would greatly enjoy it.. Any other will do too, we “love” Prabhat Samgiit.

    Congratulations for your channel

  3. mainjurii says:


  4. meditationspace says:

    Translation: You have come today thinking about all the suffering people, to remove darkness from every one’s mind, and to love all living beings. The Earth was eagerly awaiting your arrival, with marks of injury filling her body. All traces of happiness were gone, carrying the painful loads of agony. On the bosom of the Earth, kindle more light. Into the distressed hearts, pour more nectar. Calling everyone in vibrant voice, tell them all to move forward with heads held high.

  5. barbaggianni says:

    very very nice. tc.

  6. Suprakash08 says:

    I like this song very much. Thank you.

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